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17. Apr 11

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Example Of Bankruptcy Fraud

What Would Be Considered Bankruptcy Fraud. Based on data from the IRS, 10 percent of bankruptcy filings involve some portions of fraud. With bankruptcy filings averaging 1.23 million annually over th...

30. Mar 11

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How To Use Your Subconscious Mind To Stay Positiv...

Tips To Use Your Subconscious Mind To Stay Positive. It can be a battle for some every day trying to learn how to stay motivated and implementing strategies on how to stay positive with everything t...

27. Mar 11

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What Is The Current Number Of Homes That Are In F...

Total Number Of Homes That Are In Foreclosure. The foreclosure market which will more than likely add to the pressures of forcing home values down even more than they are currently at. The followin...

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In 2004

As I have noted before, there are a number of paragraphs in the May 6, 2004 Goldsmith memo authorizing warrantless wiretapping that appear to be badly overclassified. Not only were many of the same pa...

17. Mar 11

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New Lending Rules And Why Getting A Loan For A Hou...

It Will Be Getting A Loan For A House Is Gonna Get Tougher. Values have come down to the point where they make sense but most of all the interest rates for getting a home are still at record levels. ...

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Style Wise

Giantnerd's Randall Weidberg gets a style makeover and goes from geek-in-chief to head hottie.

10. Mar 11

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How To Create A Good Dating Profile

Tips To Creating A Good Dating Profile. first part of successful online dating is putting up a good profile about yourself and doing it right here are few tips on doing just that to meet wom

07. Mar 11

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Santa Maria House For Sale On Ranch St.

Santa Maria House For Sale On Ranch St. If you happen to be shopping the Santa Maria homes that are for sale in the Santa Maria real estate market and looking for a home in a quiet and very

01. Mar 11

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Two Weeks to Startup: Day 5: Find Financing

Today, you'll learn where look for the money you need to launch. Part five in a 10-part series to help you start a business.

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Learning What Is Credit History?

Understanding What Is Credit History? Hopefully you never have to deal with having to learn how to fix bad credit or how to repair bad credit, since a lot of people having realized the imp


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